Indice Internacional de Derechos de Propiedad. Informe 2008

Autor: Satya Thallam

Año: 2008

Idioma: ingles


Tema: Derechos de propiedad intelectual, propiedad fisica, correlación de PBI per capita, ambiente politico, indicadores sociales.


«You are now reading the only available annual international index dedicated exclusively to property right issues – and the only to integrate both the intellectual and physical aspects of property. In order to provide a more nuanced picture of property rights regimes throughout the world, this year’s IPRI includes cases studies from South Africa and Argentina, showing that extending property rights to the poor gives them  the incentive to invest in and maintain their property; the Argentinean case has already achieved a certain amount of fame in the literature. In future editions, policymakers, academics, business leaders, think tanks, and other specialists will be analyzing and discussing developments in the property rights regimes of specific selected countries.»–H. De Soto. Descargar aqui